Let it BEE spring!

Spring is finally here! Check out the new door decs on everyone’s doors and look at all the awesome honey bee facts!


Check out the new board hanging up explaining what an OTM is! Of The Months can help you recognize people on campus for doing great things! There are multiple categories for submitting OTMs too! check out the board for where you can submit them and what format to use! Try submitting one today!

Paint & Punch

Professor O’Brian came to our Paint & Punch Wednesday! We had so much fun talking with him about his experiences as a professor and what he did throughout his life. It was so much fun and everyone painted amazing pieces of art work.

Take What You Need

With all of the negative images that are portrayed in media and in the world today about ourselves I decided that positive thoughts and sayings would help put a little good into all of that. On the wing mirror I posted and add to the post-it notes to help people feel good about themselves.

Be a Bucket Filler

A new board went up this week based on the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?. This board explains what a bucket filler and bucket dipper is and examples of both. This board is purposed to encourage us all to fill each others buckets and be our best selves.


We had fun playing Twister Tuesday night! It was extreme Twister with symbols and challenges attached! Great fun balancing and playing a game!

Ice Skating!

Some of us went ice skating on V-day for GALentine’s day! We made smores and exercising by ice skating

Diversity Lounge!

Diversity Lounge was a hit with 35 residents attending and even more when hall councils came through! What a learning experience that was super fun!

Career Fair time!

A few of us went to the career fair and got to check out some great booths of employers! Congrats Lexi on getting an offer for an internship!!