Vesperman Farms!

14881529_10209367212590138_1780212087_oSaturday a few Residents and I went to Vesperman Farms for the Dance Marathon Day and we had so much fun. We went on the tractor ride, went zip-lining, ate, listened to music, went to the barn to see the animals, and played the games around the farm. It was an eventful day! We played with the goats and the pigs the most, while playing with them we talked about the animal facts along with the environment the animals are in and how they are taking care of them correctly.  We also talked about the facility and how the animals have a great green space to roam around in if necessary and also how they were using manure of theirs that they made themselves as fertilizer for their fields which is really good for the environment! Unfortunately due to the deer jumping through the window of Hugunin basement that we left early to help handle the situation. Thankfully Stanley was humanly put down by a hunter and we minimized the suffering of the deer. RIP Stanley.


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