Today 9 of us went to BDUBS in Dubuque for Bdubs night FTK!! It was so much fun! We all ordered wings and carrot/celery sticks and we talked about so much! We talked a lot about the school year so far and Platteville. We also brought up majors. We talked tons about what we all want to do when we graduate and a few of us engineers and food service staff started talking about environmental engineering (one of my majors and 2 other peoples majors at the table). We started talking about the e-mail about dinning services going green and how some of the things they want to do might not work out as well as they might hope. We talked about how they should take away the plastic stryo to go containers and replace them with the paper ones since they are more environmentally friendly. We also talked about the where the food comes and we thought it was interesting that the changes that they are making are just where the food comes from and they are relaying on us to “not take the to go boxes.”  We think that they should either advertise that more with signs or just slowly get rid of them. Also we discussed possibly getting reusable cups in the Crossing would also be an improvement on cutting down on waste. We talked a while about this since our food took almost an hour to come out.


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