Waffles with Professors

Tonight we had an education professor come to our K12 house and Hannah G and Olivia S came down and asked him lots of questions and we learned a lot not only about education but about life and different experiences that he has had! Advertisements

Save 3 Lives!

This week so many of us gave blood and volunteered at our schools blood drive!! I am so proud of everyone who contributed their time or body to the blood drive! You are all incredible humans!

Wellness Tuesday!

We had a blast at Wellness Tuesday this week. We got to make stress balls and make a giant mess with Play-Doh, Rice, Cornstarch and water, beans and other misc materials. Overall very great day!

Spa Night 2.0!

Had so much fun tonight with everyone! We talked so much about everything! Dan and Matt even came down for spa night and go their nails done!

Willy Wonka Night!

Tonight a 6 residents and I squished into my bed and talked about how our weeks have been going, we talked about classes and tests, relationships, friends, and the wing. We talked a lot about a recent break-up that a resident had and some friend drama back home that another resident had along with some…

Galaxy Jars!

Tonight we made galaxy jars to help with some stress relief! Had so much fun making them! They look great!

National Coming Out Day!

Happy National Coming Out Day! Today 5 of us went to the Coming Out Day festivities outside of Warner Hall, we tie dyed t-shirts and got skittles and juice and pride stickers. A few of the residents went inside to watch the movies they were showing as well.

Tug Of War!!

We got down in the mud for Homecoming and participated in Tug Of War. We had so much fun even if we didn’t win! We also talked about how we should change tug of war to Pig Rassling next year because it would be a lot more fun and we talked about how people would…

United We Stand

We went to United We Stand and had such a blast!! We talked about how our wing should do a parody of a song related to our wing and Platteville because the wing wants to become internet famous now. So we talked about how they would have another role as an internet famous person.


Tonight a Margot, Cori, Hannah, Gabby, and Stephanie talked about the items that we are able to recycle and how they want to order the edible spoons and forks from India to reduce waste.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

This month is LBBTQ+ Pride month. Every year The LOC honors 31 people who have made a positive impact on the community for every day of the month of October. This year they had many very inspirational people selected.