Spa night!

Tonight a few residents and I came downstairs for spa night! It was a blast! we talked a ton and ate snacks! We talked about upcoming finals, events, activities, classes, and summer! Advertisements


Some of my residents came to BerryYo to support the Children’s Miracle Network!


Since the weather was so nice the past couple of days I put up sunshine doordecs!


Bring your own blanket was a huge success! We had a taco and nacho bar and we all built awesome blanket forts. With that we watched the movie Moana and we were taught a lesson on self-empowerment and how you don’t need any object to define you because your actions are the true things that…


We are almost to the end of the school year! I put up a few motivating posters to help push us through the last few weeks!

10,000 Step Challenge!

This week I have walked with multiple different residents to stay fit and to get in our steps! Sunday Jordan and I walked to the dog park and back on the Rountree Trail and then when it was raining earlier this week Macy and I walked around the building for just shy of 4,000 steps!…

Have Some Encourage-mints

In the bathroom on our shelf are some Encourage-mints to help get you through the end of mid-term exams and the rest of the semester! You got this! Over half-way there!

Stay Positive!

Stay Positive! Read the quotes and develop positive self-identity! These quotes encourage and motivate you!

Reduce Reuse Recycle

New bulletin board! On this board you will see things that you can recycle and long with upcycle/ reuse! Including k-cup plants and reusable shopping bags!

The Diversity Dive!

Monday night was a lot of fun! From 6-8pm Hugunin Hall hosted the open house for the Diversity Dive 2 of my residents attended and other residents from around the building attended as well! The wall was covered in pictures and short bios about who they are and what they did. Along with this Luke…

You’re Beautiful!

Tonight I had an event with 3 residents that came down that another RA hosted about keeping your skin beautiful and how to take care of yourself. Also about Hannah’s favorite thing in the world, make-up! We all had fun, including Jordan, and tried on different items.