United We Stand

We went to United We Stand and had such a blast!! We talked about how our wing should do a parody of a song related to our wing and Platteville because the wing wants to become internet famous now. So we talked about how they would have another role as an internet famous person. Advertisements


Tonight a Margot, Cori, Hannah, Gabby, and Stephanie talked about the items that we are able to recycle and how they want to order the edible spoons and forks from India to reduce waste.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

This month is LBBTQ+ Pride month. Every year The LOC honors 31 people who have made a positive impact on the community for every day of the month of October. This year they had many very inspirational people selected.


Spa night was a blast with the girls last night! all of us did foot soaks and face masks while working on homework, drinking tea or relaxing! It was a great end to the stressful week for everyone! Can’t wait to do it again soon!

Career Fair!

This week was the career fair!!! Margot, Hannah, Cori, Katie and Lexi went with me to the career fair and we talked to a few companies and I helped them with their resumes! Pretty successful!

Moana Movie Night!!

Friday night movie night in the lounge was tons of fun! We ended up picking Moana after about 20 minutes of trying to find a movie, it was a great choice!

Trivia Night!

Trivia night was a success when Hugunin took the win!!! Mari and Hannah loved playing and did a great job!!!

Walk in the Woods

This past weekend some residents and I walked through Memorial Park to cool down, we also went into the creek and caught some crayfish! Overall fun couple of hours to cool down and relax!

Berry Yo Fundraiser

Some of my awesome residents went to Berry Yo on Tuesday to help support Dance Marathon! It was super great to see them and eat froyo and socialize with them!

Running in the RAIN!

We ran in the rain storm this week! We ran up around the softball diamonds and around the building a couple times! So much fun!