Take What You Need

With all of the negative images that are portrayed in media and in the world today about ourselves I decided that positive thoughts and sayings would help put a little good into all of that. On the wing mirror I posted and add to the post-it notes to help people feel good about themselves.

Dance Marathon is coming!

Hey Ladies!! Want more information about Dance Marathon!? Check out the board next to the bathroom! It is an amazing benefit helping put an end to pediatric illness!

Pete Lee Night!

A few of us from 2 North had fun at Pete Lee during Stand-up Saturday! He made us all get bellyaches from laughing so hard!

This. Is. War.

Needless to say we crushed it today! We won both rounds of the Nerf war! So Proud of these 2 North Ladies!!!

Do You Want to Build a Snow(person)?

Tonight we went outside and made snowpeople! It was so much fun! We joined in with 1 North and worked as a team to make some awesome snowpeople (over 6 feet tall!) for some of the people out there it was their very first snowperson they have ever built! It was a great time!

Holiday Ornament decorating!

Tonight we decorated ornaments! It was so much fun, some of the girls even made some for the twins!! It was great to talk about out holiday plans and de-stress before finals!


We had a friendsgiving with the wing and it was tons of fun! we ate so much food and all said what we were thankful for along with talking and relaxing.

Spa Night 2.0!

Had so much fun tonight with everyone! We talked so much about everything! Dan and Matt even came down for spa night and go their nails done!

Moana Movie Night!!

Friday night movie night in the lounge was tons of fun! We ended up picking Moana after about 20 minutes of trying to find a movie, it was a great choice!

Berry Yo Fundraiser

Some of my awesome residents went to Berry Yo on Tuesday to help support Dance Marathon! It was super great to see them and eat froyo and socialize with them!