Tonight 5 of us went to BerryYo and had a blast eating froyo! Advertisements


Has so much fun at Glowcampus event during Welcome Weekend, 12 residents walked down there together and we got free foam light up sticks and stuck around until the ball drop and a few of us stayed for a little more music!


Since the weather was so nice the past couple of days I put up sunshine doordecs!


We are almost to the end of the school year! I put up a few motivating posters to help push us through the last few weeks!

Have Some Encourage-mints

In the bathroom on our shelf are some Encourage-mints to help get you through the end of mid-term exams and the rest of the semester! You got this! Over half-way there!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2 Northers! Enjoy your valentines and lolipops! The paper clip doubles as a note holder! ❤  

Before I Graduate

Come write what you want to do before you graduate! Write what you would like! So far there are great ones such as; get a co-op, meet Beyonce, and take more naps! Feel free to write down whatever (appropriate!)

Hello October!

New door decorations were put up October first for the start of “Pumpkin Spice Everything” season!!!

Would You Rather

Would You Rather Be Itchy or Sticky for the rest of your life?? Vote now!! Find the clothes pin with your name on it! 🙂 Remember friends that the question will change each week!!

“Donut” Stress

We are approaching Career Fair friends! Don’t stress about it! Remember to update your resumes, dress professionally, and do a little research on the companies before you go! Also don’t forget to download the career fair app onto you smart phone for quick access about businesses during the fair!

Welcome to 2 North!

Welcome to 2 North where your dreams come true! Friends remember to turn in your note card about yourself so I can finish posting them on the welcome board! Also friends remember to read the note cards and get to know your wing mates! I am so excited that everyone has arrived and I can’t…

Meet your RA: Mackenzie

Hi Friends! I am so excited to be a part of Hugunin 2 North this year! I can’t wait to have an eventful year with lots of fun programs, if you have any suggestions let me know. A little bit about me is that I have three siblings, Mason 23, Malory 21 and Marek 17…