10,000 Step Challenge!

This week I have walked with multiple different residents to stay fit and to get in our steps! Sunday Jordan and I walked to the dog park and back on the Rountree Trail and then when it was raining earlier this week Macy and I walked around the building for just shy of 4,000 steps! I also took multiple other walks with residents which was a blast!

Run with the Cops!

This past Thursday Sophia, Stephanie, Alex and I ran the 5K Run with the Cops race to help support the Special Olympics! We got there early and toured the cop cars and fire trucks! Then we ran! Sophia finished in just over 27 minutes while Steph and I dragged behind and finished in just over 37 minutes!  Congratulations to Alex for getting first place in the race and completing it in just under 20 minutes!!  We had lots of fun and after the race we had a nice sandwich from Jimmy Johns after!