We had fun playing Twister Tuesday night! It was extreme Twister with symbols and challenges attached! Great fun balancing and playing a game!

Ice Skating!

Some of us went ice skating on V-day for GALentine’s day! We made smores and exercising by ice skating

Ways to Love Yourself

In honor of Valentine’s Day right around the corner, start loving yourself and making sure that you put your physical and mental self first! Read the board for ideas on how to do that ❤

Snow Many Flu Facts!

Check out the bulletin board in the hall about the flu and how to feel prevent it and where/ what to do if you think you have the flu! Stay well 2 North, lets avoid this epidemic!

Wellness Tuesday!

We had a blast at Wellness Tuesday this week. We got to make stress balls and make a giant mess with Play-Doh, Rice, Cornstarch and water, beans and other misc materials. Overall very great day!

Galaxy Jars!

Tonight we made galaxy jars to help with some stress relief! Had so much fun making them! They look great!

Walk in the Woods

This past weekend some residents and I walked through Memorial Park to cool down, we also went into the creek and caught some crayfish! Overall fun couple of hours to cool down and relax!

Running in the RAIN!

We ran in the rain storm this week! We ran up around the softball diamonds and around the building a couple times! So much fun!