Bring your own blanket was a huge success! We had a taco and nacho bar and we all built awesome blanket forts. With that we watched the movie Moana and we were taught a lesson on self-empowerment and how you don’t need any object to define you because your actions are the true things that define you and they show how far you’ll go. This film also embraces personal and mental strength along with showing diversity.



Yell Like Hell!

Wednesday was Yell Like Hell! We included everyone in the hall (and even a few from other halls) to Yell Like Hell at the Volleyball game! We made up cheers and we also won! YAY! We all participated as a team and made new friends and developed relationships with our wing. During the game a few residents took charge with cheers and decided to start them and lead our hall which was really great. We participated really well! Thank you to all who came to Yell Like Hell!

K12 – Stress Relief!

Let’s face it, school can be really stressful. I’m glad we got together and had some time to relax and color!

If you haven’t tried it, please do! It really helps! Below are some links about why coloring is good for stress relief.


K12 relaxation