Check out the new board hanging up explaining what an OTM is! Of The Months can help you recognize people on campus for doing great things! There are multiple categories for submitting OTMs too! check out the board for where you can submit them and what format to use! Try submitting one today!

Be a Bucket Filler

A new board went up this week based on the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?. This board explains what a bucket filler and bucket dipper is and examples of both. This board is purposed to encourage us all to fill each others buckets and be our best selves.

United We Stand

We went to United We Stand and had such a blast!! We talked about how our wing should do a parody of a song related to our wing and Platteville because the wing wants to become internet famous now. So we talked about how they would have another role as an internet famous person.

Hang out day!

Today residents came to my room to hang out and we talked a lot about what we want to do in the future and how it is living away from home at a school and being able to do ‘whatever you want’ without your parents dictating what you can and cannot do and decisions that…