Bridge Fest!

Had a blast at BridgeFest. Cori did the hot salsa challenge put on by Los Amigos and beat 2 of the 3 guys she was competing against! Great Job, Cori!! We also got lots of cotton candy and snow cones! Advertisements

Bowling Night!

Sunday Night during Welcome Weekend 5 Residents and I went bowling together! It was super fun and we all got to know each other better!!

Spa night!

Tonight a few residents and I came downstairs for spa night! It was a blast! we talked a ton and ate snacks! We talked about upcoming finals, events, activities, classes, and summer!


Some of my residents came to BerryYo to support the Children’s Miracle Network!

You’re Beautiful!

Tonight I had an event with 3 residents that came down that another RA hosted about keeping your skin beautiful and how to take care of yourself. Also about Hannah’s favorite thing in the world, make-up! We all had fun, including Jordan, and tried on different items.

Vesperman Farms!

Today was a great day for the farm! The weather was warm and the corn was tall! We walked through the corn maze being led by the wonderful navigator, Kendell, then we went on a tractor ride around the farm, after we went to pet the farm animals and finally we ate apple cider donuts…

Happy National Taco Day!!!!!!

Tonight a few residents joined me for a wing dinner at LAS PALMAS! We ate lots and then I got Churros for everyone! Overall it was very fun!

Wing brunch!

Had a successful wing brunch this morning at bridgeway! Thank you to everyone who attended!

Bonfire Fun!

Shout out to the 6 of you who came out to the hall’s bonfire despite it being freezing out! I hope you all had fun!

Valentine’s Boxes!

Hello friends! Last week there was a wing event where we made Valentine’s boxes for our doors! I had a ton of fun with you call and I hope you did too!

Mardi Gras!

Thanks to you who came to the Mardi Gras Party hosted by Hall Council! I had fun playing ping pong and cards 🙂  

Making Mardi Gras Masks!

We had an amazing turn out as a wing to make Mardi Gras Masks! I hope you all had fun! (even though there was glitter literally everywhere). Thanks for coming ladies!